As part of the Factom® Badges project (learn more here), we’re now making it possible for Factom® Protocol community members to apply and receive badges for their involvement in the Factom Protocol project.

You can receive any of these badges if you believe you qualify. You can post them on your personal pages or social media.

But the real cool thing is that you can share them with other people, who can then verify their authenticity on the Factom Blockchain and the Open Badges verification sites. And tamper with them and you can prove that too.

Just send an email to and mention in the Subject which badge you want to receive:


One (1) email per Factom® Badge.


By requesting a Factom Badge you give us permission to:

1.     Store your name and email in our systems.

2.     Use your email to send you updates about Factom Protocol and Factom Badges related topics and only that. We will not share your information with third parties outside the Factom community.

You’ll receive an email reply with the Factom® Badge as an attachment.