Sometimes August is a slow month for business with vacations but our August was full.  Items ranged from “4th Gen Stablecoins”, Factom Badges, Podcasts, Youtube Interviews and more.  Read it all below.  And as always the baseline of information can be found on the main site -

PegNet Launches on Factom Protocol to Provide World’s First Decentralized, Non-Custodial, Zero-Fee, No Counterparty Forex Conversion Service

“PegNet, a closely-connected network of tokens pegged to other assets, including Bitcoin, Gold, USD and EUR. The solution seeks to provide a fully auditable and non-custodial network for transferring value, simplifying the conversion process between one type of asset and the other.”

1) Finextra

Factom Protocol launches PegNet stablecoin -

2) Blockchain News

Factom Launches New Stablecoin called PegNet Stablecoin -

3) BlockTribune

Blockchain Startup Factom Launches PegNet Stablecoin System -

4) Crypto New Media

Factom Launches New Stablecoin called PegNet Stablecoin -

5) Satoshi Nakomoto Blog

Factom® Protocol Launches PegNet Stablecoin System to Enable Trading and Conversion of Value Without Counterparties -

6) Crypto Ninjas

PegNet launching stablecoin system built on Factom blockchain -

7) Fintech Finance

Factom® Protocol Launches PegNet Stablecoin System to Enable Trading and Conversion of Value Without Counterparties -

8) Financial IT


9) BitMedia

Factom Protocol Launches PegNet Stablecoin System to Enable Trading and Conversion of Value Without Counterparties -

10) HedgeMaven

Factom launches PegNet stablecoin -

11) Oxzx

Factom推出名为PegNet 稳定币的新稳定币 -


Factom Launches PegNet For Asset-to-Asset Trades -

13) Fin Journal

Factom launches PegNet for transactions between different assets -

14) Cryptos.TV

Factom launches PegNet for asset conversion -

Factom Badges Make Decentralized Web Certificates Easy to Integrate and Extensible

Factom Badges are blockchain-based digital certificates and funded by the Factom grant pool.

“Factom Badges are based on an open standard, Open Badges, enabling interoperability. In fact, thousands of organizations across the world already issue Open Badges, from non-profits to major employers and educational institutions at all levels.

Because of this, recipients can combine multiple badges from different Issuers and from different systems to tell the complete story of their verifiable achievements—both online and offline.

To learn more about Factom Badges check out the launch post:

Skaffolder Partners with Factom Inc. to Streamline Web App Development

“Skaffolder and Factom Inc., have released a new comprehensive template that will become the standard for those who develop web applications on a daily basis or who need to start new projects frequently. With the software application development market growing from $9.05 billion in 2012 to over $10.28 billion in 2016, the need for templated applications is clear, leading the way for Skaffolder to revolutionize web application development.”

Learn more at:

In Other News

Factom was featured on some podcasts and web magazines this month.

A Look Ahead

September promises to be a busy month for the Factom ecosystem. MaxCollab, a community member, will be representing Factom at the Regional Conference of the International Association of  Court Administration -

Several Authority Node Operators will be at the Voice of Blockchain in Chicago, where Factom is a gold level sponsor. -

Plus more action in September will be around PegNet. We’re designing new grading algorithms, developing conversion and transaction functionality, and much more.

Join us on the PegNet discord: