As part of the marketing grant awarded on June 1, 2019 the Factom Marketing Committee has selected Wachsman as our public relations firm of record.  We had several great firms submit responses and the decision was not simple.  The below summarizes our selection process.

Public Relations Selection Summary

Request for Proposals Distributed to 19 Firms

Responses Received

  • TechImage
  • Pivot
  • Transform Group
  • Wachsman
  • Torus


The marketing committee reviewed all proposals and based on the needs of the Factom Protocol taken with the current broader adoption of blockchain technology we feel Wachsman is bested suited to drive awareness of the protocol.  Their approach, experience, and relationships create a path to success.  They have worked on some of the top projects and businesses in the space including Cosmos/Tendermint, Kin, eToro, Coindesk and many more.

Torus and Transform also meet several needs but missed just slightly in other areas that Wachsman excelled. Relationships with both groups should be cultivated for future engagements.

TechImage was an interesting option as they have very focused experience in working with associations (similar to an open source technology community) and this experience also plays into targeting industry verticals that are early adopters of blockchain technology.  They are a group for us to keep in mind as we move forward.  We could imagine having 2 firms in the future each specializing in different areas.  The initial contract is for 3 months.