Dear Factom Community,

The next Factom Grant round (2019-3) is upon us! - and everyone may apply!  This round we will utilize the Factomize Forum Automated Grant System created by Factomize LLC as a grant awarded in the previous round. Note that all applications have to be submitted via this system.  This system automates most of the processes involved with administering the grant round, and it will make announcements using the Chappie forum bot as the grant phases progress.  

Since last round the Factom Standing Parties have updated Doc 107 (the Factom process that governs the grant rounds: most notably removing the concept of a "cutoff grant". This simplifies the process and reduces the overall grant length by 3 days, but also removes the option of partially funding a grant. Theoretically, a big grant of 20K FCT might stand unfunded after the round closes with 19k left in the grant pool. These 19k would in this example carry over to the next round.  

The estimated amount available in this grant round is 123,000 FCT. At the current price of around $4.15/FCT (price at writing) this amounts to $510,000. Compared to the previous grant round (1st of June) only about half the dollar amount is estimated to be available in this round, as the previous round saw 136k FCT awarded at a price of $8.16 ($1,110,000 USD).

The full grant timeline is available in Doc 214 (, however the most important date is the Grant application Deadline which is 2019-08-05 at 23:59 UTC.

The grants will be paid out on 1st of September.  As mentioned initially this grant round will be handled by the automated grant system on the community forum.   Please visit the Grant page on the forum via the following link: to read up on the process and for submitting your grants. We also suggest that you check out the following forum thread for additional directions and for submitting feedback:

The forum grant system has been undergoing testing the past few weeks, but there might still be some bugs left to iron out. In case the system breaks down the Guides will take over the process and see it through manually.  If you have any questions regarding the process please tag the Guides (governance) or David Chapman (technical) in the #governance-chat channel.  

— The Factom Guides